El Restaurante Le Dauphin se ubica en La bahía del Portet Moraira


Salad Lobster with Avocado, Mushrooms, Mezclum, Cauliflower Cream and Passion Jelly

26,50 €

Textures of Salmon, Marinated, Low Temperature and Ashes Micro Mezclum and Green Herb Oil with TomatoesJelly

17,80 €

Tartar of White Tuna, Sesame, Wasabi, Cream of Black Garlic. Fresh Herbs and Crystal Bread

18,20 €

Terrine of Quail with Mushrooms, Quince Pearl Jelly and Mermelade of Kalamata Olives and Figgs

17,80 €

Mit Cuit of Ducksliver Cooked at Low Temperature, Sweet Potatoes Cream and a Pedro Ximenez Reduction

21,50 €

Soups and Hot Appetizers

Wild Mushroom Cream With Burrata, Iberico Ham and Candied Chesnuts

16,00 €

Mediterranean Mussel Cream With a Toast of Fresh Goat Cheese and Almonds

16,00 €

Sauteed Fresh Scallops on a Cauliflower Cuscus and Cream truffle, Crupuk and Sea Urchin

21,90 €

Fried Langoustine in Kadaifi Paste, Tomatoes and Roasted Pumpkin, Burrata Ravioli and Fennel Foam

21,90 €

Sauteed Fresh Ducksliver on Boleto Mushroom, Cosommé Jelly and Red Berries Crumble

22,80 €

From the Sea

Red mullet``Pot au Feu`` With Mediterranean Clams and Green Herbs

27,80 €

Baked Fillet of Turbot with Buluga Lentils and Edamamé, White Wine Suace and Basil Oil

28,80 €

Filet of White Tuna Fish Cooked at Low Temperature, Then Baked and Served with Green Cabagge Stuffed With Prawns

26,50 €

Carmaroli Risotto with Oven Baked Lobster, Foam of Red Curry

29,80 €

Land and Air

Fillet of Beef `` Rubia Gallega`` Wild Mushroom Risotto, Red Post Sauce and Licorice

31,50 €

In the Oven Back Lambs-Rack With a Cristal bread Crumble of Green Herbs, Fried Young Garlic and Lamb Juice

28,50 €

Grillet Fillet of Coral Chicken Ossobucco, Textures of Sweet tomatoes and Italian Tomatoes Sauce

26,90 €

At Low Temperature Cooked Ducksbreast, Crispy Ducks-Skin Textures of Apple and a Sider Sauce

27,50 €


Moscatel Raisins Creme Brule, Merengue And Moscatel Foam

13,60 €

Our Style of Tarte tatin. Cider Foam and Toffee

13,60 €

Textures of Chocolats, Salted Caramel, Chocolat Sponge and Praliné

12,60 €

Poire ``Belle Helene`` Le dauphin

12,60 €

French and Spanish Cheeses with Raisins, Brioche Bread and Nuts

15,60 €

Homemade Fruit with Cava or Vodka

12,60 €

Sweets Le Dauphin ``Grand Dessert``

19,60 €



Calle Puerto Lapice 18, Playa del portet,

Cp: 3740 Moraira -Teulada – El portet

Tel: 966 490 432

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