El Restaurante Le Dauphin se ubica en La bahía del Portet Moraira
Tasting Menu

Le Dauphin Menu

Textures of Salmon, Marinated, Low Temperature and Ashes Micro Mezclum and Green Herb Oil with Tomatoes Jelly


Quail Terrine with Mushrooms, Quince Pear Jelly and Mermelade of Kalamata Olives and Figgs..

Wild Mushroom Cream with Burrata, Ibérico Ham and Candied Chestnuts


Pot au Feu of Quial Consommé with Ducksliver, crispy Vegetables and green Herbs…

Filet of white Tuna fish cooked at low temperature then baked and served with green cabagge and Gambas


Grilled Filet of Coral Chicken Ossobucco Textures of Sweet Potatoes and Italian Tomatoes Sauce

French and Spanish Cheeses with Rasins, Brioche bread and Nuts


Moscatel Raisins Creme Brulé, Merengue and a Moscatel Foam…

Paladar Menu

Salad with Lobster, Avocado, wild Mushrooms and Mezclum Cream of Cauliflower and a Passion Fruit Jelly


Terrine of Low Temperature coocked Ducksliver textures of sweet Potatoes and a PX Jelly…

Mediterranean Mussel Cream with a Toast of fresh Goats Cheese and Almonds
Fried Langoustine in Kadaifi Paste, Tomatoes and roasted Pumpkin, Burrata Ravioli and Fennel Foam…
In the oven baked Lambs-rack with a Crystal Bread Crumble of green Herbs, fried young Garlic and Lamb Juice


Red Mullet “ Pot au Feu” with Mediterranean Clams and green Herbs

Poire “Belle Helene” Le Dauphin


French and Spanish Cheeses with Rasins, Brioche bread and Nuts…

Price 54,90 €

VAT included

Price 74,90 €

VAT included



Calle Puerto Lapice 18, Playa del portet,

Cp: 3740 Moraira -Teulada – El portet

Tel: 966 490 432

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